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The temperature outside is beginning to rise and its time to think about summarizing your car. You would probably think that summarizing and winterizing your car are different. In fact, they are very similar. To summarize your car correctly basically involves some simple automotive tools and four fairly simple steps that you can complete before it gets too hot outside.
Engine Check
Cold weather causes starting problems, so most auto makers recommend a winter check to make sure the engine starts at its peak performance. But your engine needs to run at its peak performance during the heat of the summer as well. Higher temperatures demand more from our engine especially if you are running the air conditioner at full blast. A common tune up is all you need for your engine.
Hose and belt check
Hoses and belts should be checked to prevent breakdowns at high temperatures. A broken coolant hoses means all of your engine coolant will leak out and the car will overheat stranding you on the side of the road. Also, do a visual check of the belts on your engine. These black belts spinning around in your engine run critical components and losing one can stop your car dead in its tracks. A $10 belt can totally stop a $25,000 car in its tracks. For example, one of these belts runs your water pump and if it goes, the water pump stops working and the car will over heat. When you inspect the belts, look for cracks and places where the belt is coming apart. If it looks worn, have it replaced.
Antifreeze Check
Donít be fooled by its name, antifreeze is every bit as important in summer as in winter. Antifreeze raises the boiling point of the water in the cooling system and helps prevent overheating. Check the level of the antifreeze in your radiator and top it off. Be sure the engine has cooled before you attempt to take off the radiator cap. Scalding water can really hurt you. You might also consider having your radiator system flushed and refilled. Rust and dirt can collect and damage the water pump.
Transmission Check
High temperatures can affect your transmission too. Most people totally forget about the all important transmission when they summarize the car. Driving long distances or towing a boat in high temperatures can cause the transmission to get so hot that is slips or experiences erratic shifting. Extreme overheating can also cause the transmission to blow fluid of a vent and strand you. So checking the transmission fluid level is highly recommended.
Jason is the webmaster for Red Hill Supply - automotive tools
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