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When most car buyers are asked what kind of car they would like to buy, they often answer something like ďa Volkswagen Passat, or maybe one of those Chevy Trailblazers, but I really love those Mazda Miatas.Ē It seems funny, but many people have no idea what they really want or need. Only one, if any, of those cars will suite the personís real needs and wants.
The most common mistake of car shoppers is that they really donít know what they want. Everyone knows what happens when you go to a grocery store without a list of items. Either you end up buying everything your stomach growls at and find out later you didnít really need half the stuff you bought, or you will spend hours wandering about the store without finding much of anything at all. Both of these scenarios are the same with car shopping. It is important to have a shopping list for car buying so that you get exactly what you need and donít waste a large amount of time browsing cars that do not fit your criteria. Here are some things that should be laid out on your car-shopping list before you even begin to look at used cars in Austin.
1. Determine the type of vehicle that fits your intended use. What type of car will fit the needs of your family? Do you need a vehicle with 7 seats or 5? Is storage space an issue? Do you need to transport materials for work or some other purpose?
2. Consider the mileage and features that are important. Do you need a car that is still under warranty or do you need features such as four wheel drive or side front airbags?
3. Think about the different Makes and models of cars and consider the reliability of different types of vehicles.
4. Look for Dealers that provide CarFax reports. These reports give you the history of used vehicles so you know what the car has been through, such as major collisions or a replaced transmission.
5. The affordability of the automobile is possibly the most important item on your list. You need to figure out what your price range is, what down payment requirements you have, and especially monthly payment goals.
Going into a dealership with this shopping list in hand is guaranteed to save you time and money, not to mention helping a sales staff to quickly locate a vehicle that is right for you. You will find so many used cars in Austin to choose from that it is extremely helpful to know what you are looking for. The most important part of shopping for a vehicle is knowing what you need and want before you go looking.
About the Author: Greg Chapman of Greg Chapman Motors is a knowledgable and leading provider of used cars, trucks, and SUVís. Since 1959, Chapman motors has offered reliable used cars in Austin and the surrounding area. For more information please visit
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